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Fire and Ice receives endorsement from Compulsion Reads!

Compulsion Reads

I am so thrilled and honored to have my book, Fire and Ice endorsed by Compulsion Reads! Simply put, Compulsion Reads‘s mission is to “support the indie book movement. Support good books. Give readers the excuse they need to try a new author.
We show our support by offering something the indie book industry desperately needs: quality standards. ”

I admit I was a bit terrified to submit my book for evaluation given the rigorous guidelines and process that the manuscript/book go through to get endorsed. Imagine my relief and joy when I received an email from Compulsion Reads stating that my book has received the seal of endorsement!


Here are some snippets from the review:

“Maia is a strong female lead who has been training to be an agent with The Guardians (a special ops team) since she was very young. I loved that she was willing to sacrifice herself to save anyone. Each of her daring feats left her damaged and many times hospitalized, which showed a vulnerable side to this woman who acts as if she is invincible. Author Victoria Paige did a great job of creating two well-rounded characters that made you smile and at the same time created great frustration. I really enjoyed all of the plot twists and the action as the hunt for the Russian gangsters unfolded.”

” I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a strong protagonist and some heart-pumping action.”

See full review here.

Writing Fire and Ice was such a journey for me and my characters. And I strive to continue to offer the same quality with my coming books!

Fire and Ice