New Adult Romances ~ Off Series and Stripped

Finally, I have some great new adult romances for you. Sawyer Bennett always delivers and I’ve got two for you:

Sensual couple in blue jeans


Off Course ~ Sawyer Bennett

I LOVED this book. The author had struck every chord on my wish list. I like that the heroine Renner was not a push over. And Cillian with his rockstar good looks, well he is a rockstar, absolutely sizzles with Alpha male goodness who sees what he wants and goes for it. Renner is a bit gun-shy on the relationship bandwagon having suffered humiliation and the loss of her job in her previous one, but our man is persistent almost to the point of stalking. Don’t we all just love them that way in fantasy land anyway? So our man finally wears our girl down and the sex, when it happens, was explosive โ€” as in tear your clothes off explosive. All should be good and coast along right? But no. There is one chink in this relationship and I’m not a big fan of the evil ex-girlfriend as a romance trope but in this case it worked to provide just the right angst. Though in the beginning I understand how Cillian feels it’s his responsibility to get his ex some help, like Renner, I could also see when enough is enough. And there were a couple of times I wanted to smack Cillian on the head for his stupidity when it comes to his ex’s manipulation. And I would have thrown my ereader at this point, but I was hoping with all this angst, I’d get what I want. And yes, the author pulled through. Cillian had to do some major groveling and it was a thing of beauty. And that’s what worked for me in this book. Yes, let the H do some stupid shit, but make sure he makes up for it in a big way in the end. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Sigh, I love this series and this my favorite one to date. Waiting for Flynn’s book. ๐Ÿ™‚



Off the Record ~ Sawyer Bennett

I love the author’s writing. It is so engaging. I love love Linc Caldwell. Though I do feel for Ever’s bad experience with men, I think what she did to Linc was extremely judgmental and as an aspiring journalist she should have been more professional. Anyway, what ensued was extreme sexual tension. What can I say, Linc is panty-melting hot and with the gorgeous guy on the cover, you kinda get a visual. He is also a nice guy and I mean it in a good way not the boring way. Though I did get annoyed at Ever at some point, I kinda understood her reasons in the end to get her past out of her system before moving on with Linc. Although, I did wish that Linc did not try to move on so quickly and tried harder to convince Ever to give them a chance.
Don’t worry, this ends in an HEA. ๐Ÿ™‚



Stripped ~ Jasinda Wilder

This was a great read from Jasinda Wilder. I thought I would get impatient with the beginning because it was sort of background information on our heroine Grey and I normally do not like books where the h/H take a while to meet, but I found it compelling with a sense of dread when her mom started getting headaches. The scene with her dad was heartbreaking. Anyway, fastforward to her life as a stripper and when she finally meets Dawson. Can I say Dawson is completely swoon worthy. He’s handsome and the perfect mix of Alpha male. All he wants to do is take care of Grey and it’s just so sweet. I understood why Grey was hesitant to let him help her and I admired her for it. And the way Dawson took over, just loved it.:) The love scenes were also steamy.
Ok, what didn’t work for me was the Hollywood thing, sometimes when the characters in a book start rubbing shoulders with real people, that somehow throws me out of the story. The ending was kind of anti-climatic because knowing how much Dawson loved Grey the reader knew nothing like the past coming back to bite Grey would change anything. And I’m really glad the author didn’t make the characters do any stupid angsty decisions that would make me want to throw my e-reader. ๐Ÿ™‚