Review: Iron and Magic

*4.5* What a fantastic start to a new series! There’s almost non-stop action that was truly engaging to read. But what I enjoyed the most was the verbal sparring between Hugh and Elara. Both didn’t trust the other but an alliance between them was needed.

I love Elara … she’s close to a perfect heroine for me. As for Hugh, I somehow wanted more from his character from a relationship standpoint but I know that would be a departure from his character if he’s suddenly spouting love words. Even if I wanted more from him, I was very satisfied with the development of his story arc and I was glad the author removed a doubt in my mind about Hugh and Roland.

Excellent secondary characters as well.

We are left we several questions, but the biggest one is: What exactly is Elara?

This author-team can’t write fast enough. I’m still looking forward to more Rogan and Nevada, but now I want more Hugh and Elara.