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Review: Iron and Magic

Posted July 25, 2018 by Victoria in 2018-Reviews, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy / 0 Comments

*4.5* What a fantastic start to a new series! There’s almost non-stop action that was truly engaging to read. But what I enjoyed the most was the verbal sparring between Hugh and Elara. Both didn’t trust the other but an alliance between them was needed.

I love Elara … she’s close to a perfect heroine for me. As for Hugh, I somehow wanted more from his character from a relationship standpoint but I know that would be a departure from his character if he’s suddenly spouting love words. Even if I wanted more from him, I was very satisfied with the development of his story arc and I was glad the author removed a doubt in my mind about Hugh and Roland.

Excellent secondary characters as well.

We are left we several questions, but the biggest one is: What exactly is Elara?

This author-team can’t write fast enough. I’m still looking forward to more Rogan and Nevada, but now I want more Hugh and Elara.


Review: High Voltage

I was excited for this book, so I pre-ordered and woke up early (5:30 am) and skipped my workout to to read it. LoL! I’m really torn on how to rate it. The first 30%, I wasn’t too optimistic that I was going to like this installment. I felt there was too much internal monologue—and it could be a personal thing, because I’m not a fan of this. But then the book picked up and I couldn’t put it down. I did stumble some along the way. The interruption of one chapter shifting to a different scene when there was anticipation of action at the end of the previous one somehow messed with the momentum. Also, I felt Dani and Ryodan’s relationship jumped to a declaration of love too fast, I was taken aback. If Ryodan wasn’t such a badass, I would have thought it was too emo-boy and sort of out of character. However, I was thrilled with Dani’s transformation to her ultimate potential. I thought that storyline went very well. So, I would say 3 stars for 50% and then 5 stars for the rest for a 4 star average rating. What I didn’t like: Highlight for spoiler: […]


Super Alphas

    MacRieve. More like 4.5 stars. Once again, Kresley Cole gives us one sexy lykae in Macrieve. He was seriously messed up not only from his involvement in his parents death but also from his stint at the Order’s research facility. With no one to seek revenge on, he couldn’t wish sooner for death. Enter Chloe Todd and I’m stating right here if it wasn’t for the strength of the heroine I would have hated this book. Because Macrieve really tested my patience and I wanted to scream at him to get over it: “you’re a 900-year old Lykae for heaven’s sake.” I loved, loved Chloe and my heart ached for her almost for the entire book, but she was such a breath of fresh air. The way she handled herself in the face of Macrieve’s assholeness will have you rooting for her the entire time. He wasn’t an asshole in the beginning, you could actually see how sweet he was after finding his mate, but something happened that made him turn against Chloe and he was almost cruel to her. Grrr, I almost wanted to reach into my e-reader and wring his neck. I wanted to scream at Chloe “Make him […]


Fiction and the Evolution o..

*Since there seems to be a lot of search terms for “alpha male romances” directing to this blog, I thought I’d feature one of my earlier posts. Jericho Barrons is my ultimate alpha. Of course, for Contemporary Romance I’d have to say it’s my own Viktor Baran.  🙂 Alpha ~ something that is first (Merriam Webster) Alpha Male ~ the most dominant, powerful, or assertive man in a particular group. ( I’m not sure when Alpha Male became a mainstream term. I started reading romance novels in the mid-80s. There was a pawn shop beside our restaurant that also sold used books. The owner was kind enough to rent me books to read and I devoured book after book of Mills and Boon and Silhouette romances. Some books were really old, probably published in the 70s. I don’t remember any of the stories except that the hero is usually older (a lot older actually) than the heroine and it’s usually at the end of the book when the hero reveals his true feelings. Otherwise, he is a male chauvinistic arrogant pig for most of the novel. The plots were highly repetitive and formulaic. The 1980‘s was also the era of […]


Five-Star reads

Ever since my reading binge began in May 2012, I have not seen any signs of it abating. I have amassed 186 entries on Goodreads since I discovered that website—not including some books I couldn’t finish. It has become my source for researching a new book to read and I encourage you all to check it out. I thought it’ll be great to highlight some the best books I have read so far, so I’ve started this series of my 5-star reads which is really based on the Goodreads scale. I frequently get asked  about book recommendations, so I have divided my books into categories. I’m starting with the popular Paranormal/Urban Fantasy books.  I have started this as a page on the menu bar   as well and will add to it as I add more books to the list. Check out also my favorite Contemporary/Historical Romances  and New Adult/Young Adult list. Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Fever Series  by Karen Marie Moning I came across Karen Marie Moning’s books through her Highlander series. I was very intrigued with the Paranormal aspect that she had incorporated especially starting with the books of the twins Drustan and Daegus, Kiss of the Highlander  and Dark Highlander respectively. […]