Twisted Perfection & Crush

If I wait for four-five star reads when it comes to New Adult, I may have nothing to post here. But these rated high on Goodreads and Amazon, so majority of readers liked them.

Twisted Perfection

Twisted Perfection
Twisted Perfection

I was disappointed that this was not a standalone book and was all set to wait until the Perfection series was complete before reading them. DID NOT HAPPEN. One, because I loved Woods in the Fallen too Far Series and two, well the guy on the cover was too sexy to ignore. 😉
Unfortunately, Woods in this book did not work for me. The in-control, decisive Alpha male I knew in the previous books was not in evidence in this installment. I know a hero needs to have his weaknesses, but I’m not a big fan of this type of character manipulation. The plot felt contrived and had a soap-opera feel to it (Maybe the last name Kerrington sounded too much like Carrington that it reminded me of Dynasty). The villains were caricatures, and the cliffhanger only solidified this whole scenario.
Della came across as two-dimensional despite her dark past (Okay, I may be projecting here because I do not like weak heroines. So it could be just me.) I did not feel invested in the characters. I was even rooting for Tripp and Della! {Grant is mine ;)}
What worked? The sex scenes are steamy–the author sure knows how to weave them– and her writing-style is very good. And the lines were swoon-worthy. 🙂

So now I’m having a hard time rating this, and had to break it down depending on what may be important to you as a reader.

plot – 3 stars
characters – 3 stars
steam factor – 5 stars
writing style – 4 stars



*3.75* Definitely better than the last book. In this one, you see how both Jude and Lucy continue to struggle with their relationship. Jude is still overprotective/possessive, Lucy has her own drama plus she still has something to prove. We see how Jude hitting the big time affects their relationship. Whenever they have an argument that borders on immaturity, I have to remember that they are only 21 and based on their past, it’s very believable anyway. Are they dysfunctional? Yes. But I enjoyed reading through Jude’s blowups, the scene with the newspaper was over the top, but I loved it. I also liked Anton’s and Jude’s verbal exchanges. What almost didn’t work for me was the predictability of *life-changing-news* when mentioned in New Adult novel blurbs. But in the end, I did loved Jude and Lucy and I did care that they got their HEA.